Advantages of Preventative AC Maintenance

The cost of Air conditioning repairs and replacements is often very expensive and very unexpected. What if there was a way to take precautions against these unwanted repairs? Well, there is, by having regular air conditioning maintenance. 

There are many benefits of Preventative Maintenance on your cooling and heating system. We rely on our HVAC system to keep us cool during hot summer days and warm during frigid cold days. In order for our HVAC system to do its job properly, regular maintenance is required. Preventative maintenance is one of the most cost-effective ways to make sure that your system is operating at peak efficiency and it also helps to prevent costly repairs due to an unkept HVAC system.


1. To Provide Better Air Quality

A trained and skilled AC technician will remove dirt/debris that has been collected in your system. With dirt/debris collected inside your system, you run the risk of having it enter your duct system and spread around your home. I like to breathe clean air like anyone would, so why not invest in the upkeep of your system. 

2. Improved Energy Efficiency

Part of the AC maintenance process includes inspecting and cleaning blades, cooling coils, and other essential parts of the unit. Cleaner coils can provide cooler temperatures with greater energy savings than coils that do not receive maintenance on at least an annual basis. Keep your energy bills lower by investing in annual/bi-annual AC maintenance. 

3. Stay Comfortable

Trained and Skilled AC technicians will inspect all components of your HVAC system to insure that they are operating at peak efficiency, insuring that the temperature your thermostat is set to, is the temperature you feel inside your home. Comfort is KEY! 

4. Preventing Costly Repairs/Replacements

Air conditioning repairs are one of the most costly repairs to make. We often are not prepared to make that expensive repair/replacement due to the breakdown being unexpected. Preventative maintenance helps to lessen the likelihood of breakdowns, which helps to save you a lot of money in the long run. 

5. Longer Life Expectancy of System

For your AC system to stay in tip-top shape, it requires maintenance. As humans, if we take care of our bodies, and go to the doctor or dentist for checkups regularly, we tend to remain in good health and have a longer life expectancy. Your AC system is no different. Regular maintenance helps to insure your system is in good health and can operate effectively for a long time. 

Parish Cooling and Heating offers preventative AC maintenance in Lafayette, LA, and all surrounding areas. We offer maintenance plans to insure our customer’s HVAC systems are always operating at peak efficiency. 


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